1 wsOnce a year in March, I lead Sophia Circle Journeys®. I have been certified to facilitate this life changing 13-week journey though The Sophia Code®, a living transmission and sacred text that will activate your Higher Self embodiment. The Sophia Code® is a modern Mystery School blueprint for accepting your sovereign divinity through the heart of divine feminine consciousness. When you decide to work with The Sophia Code®, you begin a powerful mentorship journey with Divine Feminine Ascended Masters. Each of these Keycode mentors have walked the same heroic journey that you are on now. Their mentorship reveals how possible it is to live in your highest divine potential every day.


What is a Sophia Circle Journey®?

In Sophia Circles, we enter sacred space together, consisting of 13 journeys designed by The Sophia Dragon Tribe® to deepen into the initiations and revelations within The Sophia Code®. This journey is active participation in a modern day mystery school with other initiates. 


Each circle is a sacred ceremony consisting of:

  • Creation of safe space and healthy boundaries for maximum growth.
  • Invocation of each divine feminine Keycode mentor.
  • A prayer with Quan Yin for a water blessing.
  • The speaking of our names into sacred circle.
  • A quiet personal meditation creating intentions for the healing and blessings to take place within the circle.
  • Reading of, reflecting and journaling on, and sharing about all 13 chapters of The Sophia Code® (1 chapter per circle).
  • An opportunity for questions.
  • A closing ceremony shared by all initiates within the circle.2 ws

Each journey will take place every 2 weeks, to enable time to read each chapter. The entire series of 13 circles is $286, with payment plan options, and will be completed over a 26 week period.

If you would like to be put on a waiting list for the next circle let me know!

I am delighted to lead these circles because this powerful codex has provided many gifts to me:

Inner Knowing

I have been brought home to my own “I Am Presence,” in a deeper way than I could (or thought I could) access in the past. The "still small voice" within me has become a compass that guides me, and I can hear her voice more and more clearly since working with this sacred text. The initiations and guidance from the mentors and my own soul have linked me with that inner knowing in a profound and certain way.

Emotional Body

I have learned how important it is to attend to my emotions in a new way. Understanding that once I lovingly attend to them, they then move and transform into the light of my true essence. These divine feminine mentors have guided me to other sources to learn more about this. I have been directed by my higher-self and the keycode mentors to the exact materials for me to contemplate along with inner guidance about how to effectively work with my emotions.

3 wsHigher-Mind

I have been reminded regularly that I have every answer I seek within my own higher-mind which is accessed through my higher-self. I also have direct guidance any time I request it. This has freed me from seeking others to be my source of truth. I still enjoy learning and listening to the wisdom of others, but I know that my own inner guidance and wisdom is the final word on any topic, and now trust that I will always be guided to know the truth from within.

Spirit – Soul

I have learned how to differentiate between my personality and my Soul. I have learned that when I feel fear or any doubt, anger, judgement, or other non-harmonious emotions, it is my personality that is wanting to be heard and attended to, but it is not what I use as my compass for directing my actions and decisions. My higher-self guides me through inner knowing and intuition that feels like a blissful, peaceful, or calm certainty. This awareness has been solidified by continuing to make a relationship with my higher-self. “The Sophia Code®,” will bring anyone to this place by simply reading it, and opening up to the multiple gifts within it to move your heart and your being. 

For information about joining me on this powerful journey, please email or call more for more information.