Soul Unity™ is Conscious Flow

I have designed these sessions to explore consciousness and mindfulness techniques to move into expansive states of experience and to release those things that tether and anchor one into dense and difficult realities. This blueprint is a result of over 20 years of gathering techniques and tools as a therapist and as a devout student of ascension. As a Wayshower I created this system to assist those who are ready to actively live in the flow of Soul Unity.

  • Creating a journey toward soul embodiment and achieving greater awareness of guidance from your higher aspects.
  • Loving support through completing karmic contracts, frequency loops, and old programming that surface as opportunities to be cleared and understood.
  • Encouraging consciousness and awareness of ego-self influences, in order to move more peacefully to new supportive and preferred realities.
  • Supporting the releasing of patterns and programs that keep you from moving forward and living in expanded states of awareness, joy, peace, bliss and so much more!
  • Curated for you, based on your specific needs, desires, and goals. 

These are the elements of Soul Unity Blueprint: 

Active Consciousness

  • Awakening: seeking out knowledge and tools that create an awareness of true Self
  • Active Mindfulness: bringing active consciousness into daily life such as meditation, practices that employ the inner observer and awareness of what is happening in the inner landscape
  • Understanding Higher Self and ego structure influences on conscious choices and actions
  • Moving out of reacting and operating in auto-pilot

Gold Titles in diagram with logoEmotion Integration

  • Soul Unity EMDR for Trauma and Reprograming
  • Emotion integration method: Awareness/Acknowledgement, Gratitude, Release, Harmonize
  • Shadow Work – use of specific tools to clear and resolve

Active Creation and Resonance

  • Designing self-care for coherence in energy fields and to harmonize body during and after emotion/trauma work. Examples: yoga, acupuncture, Reiki, massage
  • Active “Creation of Reality” Work
  • Deeper energy resonance work       
  • Nourish and Nurture  

Flow/ Soul Unity

  • Being in flow: embody new insights and awakenings
  • Taking responsibility for creations in your reality: adjusting where desired and revisiting where stuck
  • Allowing, surrendering into, and trusting in Higher Self guidance

$111 for 60 minute session